Ashley Adams

I am an M.A. student in the African studies program with interests in community health, particularly health education. My passion for health was strengthened because of my work last fall with an NGO in Tanzania, East Africa. I would like to follow my passion and pursue more research related to community health and urban and regional planning in Tanzania.




Telamisile Mkhathswa

I am a Fulbright fellow from Swaziland. My interest is in African Literature, especially how Swazi oral and written literature reflects a shift in gender relations. In general, I find issues of women and development intriguing.



Lauryn Lehman

Having traveled abroad to Morocco on two occasions I became very interested in issues of identity in Morocco as colonial, Arab, and Amazeigh (Berber) cultures and languages interact and combine with one another in this unique landscape and throughout north Africa as a whole. Additionally, my work experience in a university library setting has sparked a strong interest in access to education in Africa, specifically with regards to open educational resources and their implications for higher education throughout the world.