CAS is thrilled to report the success of our application for FLAS and National Resource Center funding from the Title VI program of the Department of Education. CAS is one of the six area studies centers of the Illinois Global Institute that received Title VI support in the 2022-26 cycle. 

According to CAS Director, Prof. Teresa Barnes, many people share in this achievement. "CAS and IGI staff and the good folks at the UIUC Office of Sponsored Programs worked tirelessly on our Title VI application and I'm so grateful for their ideas, energy and determination. Thanks too to previous CAS directors and staff who set the Center up with such strong roots. Another source of strength was the continuing generous support for African linguistics and general study scholarships from our own Mzee Eyamba Bokamba and his family, as well as from the families of the late Professors Victor Uchendu and Don Crummey."

CAS is grateful to the Title VI reviewers and the DoE's International and Foreign Language Education office for their votes of confidence in our programs. The Center looks forward to four more years - and beyond - of productive scholarship with UIUC faculty affiliates and engagement with off-campus and community partners and colleagues in the other African Studies National Resource Centers, in the growth and flourishing of African Studies locally and nationally.