Professor Valerie Hoffman at Ghardai

Another street, also in Beni Isguen, of Valerie Hoffman standing in front of the library of the most influential Ibadi scholar of the modern period, Muhammad Atfiyyash (1820-1914). This is right next to the house where he lived.

Professor Valerie Hoffman (U of I Dept. of Religion) writes that she is was in Ghardaia, the main town of the Wadi Mzab in Algeria. The Wadi Mzab, a desert valley 375 miles south of Algiers, is one of the few places in the world where most of the Muslims belong to the Ibadi sect. She arrived February 2 and stayed until February 16. Then She went to Tunisia, where the island of Djerba was also a center of Ibadism. On March 1, Professor Hoffman flew to the Sultanate of Oman, where Ibadis are the dominant Muslim community.

Beni Isguen street
a street in Beni Isguen, a small town very near Ghardaia