The Center's staff consists of a director, housed in one of the University of Illinois' disciplines, an associate director, an office support specialist, and an outreach coordinator. The director typically agrees to serve for periods of 3-5 years and can come from any number of disciplines. The rest of the staff are permanent. The Africana Bibliographer is housed in other units but works very closely with the Center.


Among the Center's most significant resources is its talented and highly respected faculty, made up of more than 90 members who represent over 35 units across campus. The Center's faculty actively develop new courses and maintain cutting edge research agendas. Their energy and quality work reflect their commitment to both the Center and to the University. Collectively, the faculty have written dozens of books and hundreds of articles and reviews; won numerous campus, national, and international awards; and presented countless papers at conferences all over the world. The Center's faculty has a strong commitment to research and teaching; since 2000 Center faculty have raised more than $20 million in internal and external research grants. During the same period, Center faculty and teaching assistants have received over 120 college and campus teaching awards.

Students & Alumni

There are typically around 10 students in the process of completing requirements for the MA in African Studies each year. There are many more students associated with the Center who teach African languages, or are pursuing Africa-related degrees in other units. For information about funding please go to the Grants & Fellowships section, and for information about degree programs visit the section on Academics. The center also keeps a list of our alums and their accomplishments beyond the Center for African Studies.

African Students Organizations

The Center often collaborates with the African Students Organization (ASO) and the African Cultural Assosciation (ACA) on some events throughout the year. The African Cultural Assosciation (ACA), is an undergratudate student organization that is made up of diversified students who each have an interest in maintaining a solidified campus committee that appreciates African culture and engages students . The African Students Organization (ASO) is a graduate student organization that seeks to bring together people who have common interests on African issues. The ASO conducts a forum every year where students can present papers on issues related to Africa and the diaspora. The theme for the forum this year is "Collaboration Opportunities in Africa: A Multidisciplinary Approach." Please click here for more details.


Lists of committees and members are updated annually.