Teachers who would like to enhance their students' understanding of Africa often have an interest in arranging for special lectures or presentations in their classroom. Visitors have sparked their students' interest in wedding customs in South Africa, AIDS activism in Africa, Oxfam and fair trade cotton, Malian women's lives and the media, Ethiopian languages and culture, Guinean drumming and dance, and Ghanaian naming practices.

We have supported visits to elementary, middle and high schools. Classroom visitors have included artists, actresses, scholars, activists, students, and drummers and dancers.

Drawing from the rich community at the University of Illinois and special visitors to the campus, we have helped schools and teachers identify visitors who could visit the school. 

If you are interested in bringing visitors to your classroom and school contact the African Studies Outreach Program at 217 300-7459 or email Adeyinka Alasade at tdavis5@illinois.edu.