CAS Faculty Shine Spring 2012

CAS Faculty Shine

Richard Akresh, Economics,with Joyce Chen, and Charity Moore published “Productive Efficiency and the Scope for Cooperation in Polygynous Households.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94(2): 395-401.


He also presented the following papers at conferences/invited talks:

Richard Akresh

"Child Labor, Schooling, and Child Ability"

New York University, Steinhardt School of Education

University of Virginia, School of Public Policy

"Alternative Cash Transfer Delivery Mechanisms: Impacts on Illness and Health Clinic Utilization in Burkina Faso"

National Bureau of Economic Research, Africa Project Conference

"Gender and Conditionality: A Randomized Evaluation of Cash Transfers in Rural Burkina Faso"

World Bank, Second Generation of CCTs Evaluation Conference

"Wars and Child Health: Evidence from the Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict"

American Economic Association Annual Meeting

Tom Basset, Geography, published three journal articles: “Defending democracy in Côte d’Ivoire: Africa takes a stand.” Foreign Affairs 90(4): 130-40. (with S. Straus); “Winning coalition, sore loser: The 2010 Presidential Elections in Côte d’Ivoire,” African Affairs 110(440): 457-468 doi:10.1093/afraf/adr025  and “The REDD Menace: Resurgent protectionism in Tanzania’s mangrove forests.” Global Environmental Change. doi:10/1016/j.gloenvcha.2011.11.006 (with B. Beymer-Farris)

He also contributed book chapters “Integrating ecology into political ecology: Biomass burning and greenhouse gas emissions in northern Côte d’Ivoire.” In D. Gautier and T. Benjaminsin (eds.) L'approche Political Ecology. Pouvoir, Savoir, Environnement (Paris: Quae)  (with M. Koné) and  “The monetization of land transfers in northern Côte d’Ivoire.” In E. Jul-Larsen, P.-J. Laurent, P.-Y. Le Meur & E. Léonard (eds). Une anthropologie entre pouvoirs et histoire. Conversations autour de l'œuvre de Jean-Pierre Chauveau, Paris : Karthala-IRD-APAD. In addition, he wrote a number of pieces for the Huffington post on Côte d’Ivoire.


Antoinette BurtonHistory,  published Brown over Black: Race and the Politics of Postcolonial Citation







Ken Cuno, History, published “Women with Missing Husbands: Marriage in Nineteenth Century Egypt,” in Objectivity and Subjectivity in the Historiography of Egypt: In Honour of Nelly Hanna, ed. Nasser Ahmed Ibrahim (Cairo, 2012), 156-70, and updated his article “Middle East” in the World Book Encyclopedia (2012), 13:530-35.



Alan Hansen, Agricultural and Biological Engineering,  received the  College of ACES Faculty Award for Global Impact.  He also led his fifth study abroad tour to KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.



Al Kagan, Africana Librarian, presented  “Selected Internet Sources for the Study of Africa," at theAsociación Cubana de Bibliotecarios (ASCUBI) Conference, Havana, Cuba, February 17, 2012.



Bekisizwe NdimandeCurriculum and Instruction, published “ Decolonizing research in post-apartheid South Africa: The politics of methodology’ in  Qualitative Inquiry18(3), pp. 215-226; “Race and resources: Black parents’ perspectives on post-apartheid South African schools, “Race Ethnicity and Education and  Lutas Docentes nas Escolas Públicas para negros na África do Sul  pós-apartheid. Cadernos de Educação20(39), pp. 37-60.



Barry Pittendrigh, Entomology has won the Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement. Professor Pittendrigh gained this award for his program Scientific Animations Without Borders. This program produces Pixar-quality animations used to educate low literate learners across the globe on issues of agricultural development and public health.  To view one of his animations  visit:



Allyson Purpura, Krannert Art Museum, with  Christine Mullen Kreamer published  "Visual Poetry/Performing Script: The Art of Wosense Worke Kosrof." In "NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art" (spring 2012, issue 30).



Jonathan Zilberg, CAS Research Scholar,  authored  “Wood Sculpture and Masks”, “Art”, “Cults”, “Popular Culture”, and “Religion”  in Traditional Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia . Vol. 2, Africa. Ed. Edward Ramsey. London: SAGE.
He also wrote “Revisiting Country Music in Zimbabwe to Reflect Upon the History of the Study of African Popular Culture” in Music, Performance and African Identities. Eds. Toyin Falola and Tyler Flemming. London: Routledge Press and  contributed a piece on Indonesia to Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia . Vol. 3. East and Southeast Asia. Ed. Peter J. Seybolt. London: SAGE.


The following CAS Faculty were honored for teaching excellence for their performance in Fall 2011:

Adlai Murdoch, African American Studies 261

Alain Fresco, French 419 and 500

Jesse Ribot, Geography 496

David Wilson, Geography, 471

James Brennan, History 410

Jan Brooks, Human and Community Development 206, 208 and 379

Danarys Canache, Political Science 500

Behrooz Ghamari, Sociology 500

Rick Deja, African Studies 222 Online

Abdelaadim Bidaoui, Arabic 404

Mor Gueye, Wolof 201

Eman Saadah, Arabic 404