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Gabriel Solis

Associate Professor

Research Interests

A scholar of African American music and of Indigenous musics of the Southwestern Pacific, Gabriel Solis has done ethnographic and historical research with jazz musicians in the United States and with musicians in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Drawing on work in African American studies, anthropology, and history, he addresses the ways people engage the past, performing history and memory through music. Additionally, his work explores musicians' and audiences' interactions with and personalization of mass-mediated musical commodities in transnational circulation.


B.A. (musicology), University of Wisconsin
Ph. D. (musicology/ethnomusicology), Washington University in St. Louis

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Professor, School of Music

Recent Publications

Proutskova, P., Wolff, D., Fazekas, G., Frieler, K., Höger, F., Velichkina, O., Solis, G., Weyde, T., Pfleiderer, M., Crayencour, H. C., Peeters, G., & Dixon, S. (2022). The Jazz Ontology: A semantic model and large-scale RDF repositories for jazz. Web Semantics, 74, Article 100735.

Solis, G. (2021). Foxconn, Ciudad Juárez, and the Trials of Solidarity. International Labor and Working-Class History, 99, 47-57.

Solis, G. (2020). Jazz, Stuart Hall’s Critique, and the Challenge of the Aesthetic. History of the Present, 10(1), 152-156.

Bissett Perea, J., & Solis, G. (2019). Asking the Indigeneity Question of American Music Studies. Journal of the Society for American Music, 13(4), 401-410.

Bissett Perea, J., & Solis, G. (Eds.) (2019). Music, Indigeneity, and Colonialism in the Americas. Journal of the Society for American Music, 13(4).

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