*Cross-listed with African Studies

African Studies


  Undergraduate Open Seminar


  Introduction to Mod African Lit
AFST 213   African Muslim Cultures
AFST 222   Introduction to Modern Africa
AFST 266

Cross-listed with ANTH 266

African Film and Society
AFST 325

Cross-listed with EPS 325

Social Media and Global Change
AFST 410   Modern African Fiction
AFST 437

Cross-listed with HIST338

Egypt Since World War I
AFST 467

Cross-listed with ANTH469

AFST 468   Religions in Africa
AFST 490   Independent Study
AFST 509

Cross-listed with ARTH 510

Seminar in African Art
AFST 510

Cross-listed with HIST 510

Problems in African History
AFST 511   Seminar in African History
AFST 515   Practicum in African Studies
AFST 522   Development of African Studies
AFST 550   Special Topics
AFST 599   Thesis Research


Afro-American Studies
AFRO 100   Intro to African American Studies
*AFRO 103

Cross-listed with SOC 223

Black Women in the Diaspora
AFRO 243

Cross-listed with PS 243

Pan Africanism
AFRO 261   Introduction to the African Diaspora
AFRO 415   Africana Feminisms
AFRO 490   Theory in African American Studies


Agricultural and Consumer Economics
ACE 251   The World Food Economy
*ACE 254   Economic Systems in Africa
ACE 411   Environment & Development
ACE 451   Agriculture in Intl Development
ACE 454   Econ Dev of Tropical Africa


ANTH 102   Human Origins and Culture
ANTH 103   Anthro in a Changing World
ANTH 105   World Archaeology
ANTH 242   History of Human Evolution
ANTH 243   Sociality of the Great Apes
ANTH 262   Women's Lives
ANTH 266   African Film and Society
ANTH 267   Memoirs of Africa
ANTH 399   Special Topics: Global Politics of Africa
ANTH 448   The Prehistory of Africa
ANTH 467   Cultures of Africa
ANTH 468   Religions in Africa
ANTH 478   African Immigrants in Europe
ANTH 504   Colonialism & Postcolonialism
ARCH 410 Ancient Egyptian & Greek Arch


Art History
ARTH 113 Introduction to African Art
ARTH 310 African Art and Society I
ARTH 312 Central African Art
ARTH 313 Modern and Contemporary African Art
ARTH 410 West African Art and Ideas
ARTH 413 Sacred African Diaspora Arts
ARTH 447 France and Its Others


Curriculum and Instruction
CI 499   Issues & Dev in Education
CI 499   Topic: Study Abroad in Morocco
CI 501   Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
CI 512

Cross-listed with AFST 555

Multicultural Education/ Global Perspectives


Comparative and World Literature

CWL 114 Global Consciousness & Lit
CWL 189 Lit of Asia & Africa I
CWL 190 Lit of Asia & Africa II
CWL 205 Islam & West Through Lit
CWL 223 Qu'ran Structure & Exegesis
CWL 434 Studies in Francophonie
CWL 488 French & Comparative Cinema I


DANC 310 World Dance Forms
DANC 340 Dancing Black Popular Culture


ECON 450 Development Economics


ENGL 285 Postcolonial Lit in English
ENGL 330 Slavery and Identity


EPS 530 Education and Globalization


FR 479 Studies in Francophonie


GEOG 101 Geog of Developing Countries
GEOG 110 Geog of Intl Conflicts
GEOG 222 Big Rivers of the World
GEOG 310 Political Geography
GEOG 410 Geography of Dev and Underdev
GEOG 455 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa


Gender and Women's Studies
GWS 103 Black Women in tthe Diaspora
GWS 512 Gender Relations & Intl Development
GWS 570 Feminist Research Social Sciences


Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS 220 Families in Global Perspective


HIST 100 Global History
HIST 110 History of Africa
HIST 135 History of Islamic Middle East
HIST 174 Black America, 1619-Present
HIST 211 History of Southern Africa
HIST 212 History of Eastern Africa
HIST 335 Middle East 1566-1914
HIST 337 Middle East Since World War I
HIST 410 Decolonization in Africa
HIST 411 20thC Africa Intellectual Hist
HIST 412 Southern Africa Race & Power
HIST 498 Research and Writing Seminar
HIST 511 Seminar in African History
Landscape Architecture
LA 220 Exploring African Cities


Liberal Arts and Sciences
LAS 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
LAS 220 Exploring African Cities


LAW 657 International Human Rights
LAW 792 Current Legal Problems Topic: Globalization


LING 111 Language in Globalization
LING 404 Tutorials in Non-Western Language
*LING 412 Language in African Culture & Society
LING 420 Introduction to African Linguistics
Library and Information Science
IS 530A Info Needs of Part Communities (Bibliography of Africa)
IS 585 International Librarianship


MUS 133 Introduction to World Music
MUS 252 Ethnomusicology Perf Ensembles (Topic: Mbira)
MUS 261 University Chorus
MUS 261 Topic: African Mbira
MUS 261 Topic: Mande Drumming
MUS 416 Anthropology of Music
MUS 450 Advanced Ensemble Music
MUS 450 Topic: Black Chorus
MUS 450 Topic: Mande Drumming


Political Science
PS 241 Comp Politics in Dev Nations
PS 341 Gov & Pol in Africa


Religious Studies
RLST 110 World Religions
RLST 214 Introduction to Islam
RLST 223 Qu'ran Structure and Exegesis
RLST 260 Mystics and Saints in Islam
RLST 403 Women in Muslim Societies
RLST 408 Islam & Politics in Mid. East
RLST 480 Islamic Law
RLST 481 IMuslim Ethics in Global Age
RLST 482 Muslim-Christian Interactions
RLST 514 Islamic Theology


South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
SAME 133 Intro to the World of Islam
SAME 152 The New Middle East


SOC 122 Africa in World Perspective
SOC 160 Global Ineq & Social Change
SOC 261 Gender Transnational Perspective
SOC 364 Impacts of Globalization
SOC 562 Seminar in Transnational Studies
SOC 564 Global Religion and Politics
SOC 565 Megacities of the Global South


THEA 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar (Topic: Women in Theatre in Africa)
THEA 591 Special Problems (Topic: Women in Theatre in Africa)


Urban Planning
UP 185   Cities in a Global Perspective
UP 335

Cross-listed with SOCW335

Cities and Immigrants
UP 423   Intro to International Planning
UP 521   International Planning Seminar

African Language Course Listing
Arabic, Standard Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Arabic, Undergraduate Open Seminar
Arabic, Colloquial Arabic I & II
Arabic, Topics in Arabic Language & Literature, I & II
Arabic, Advanced Topics in Arabic Language & Literature, I & II
Bamana, Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
French, Introduction to Francophone Lit
Lingala, Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Lingala, Topics in Lingala Language & Literature, I & II
Swahili, Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Swahili, Topics in Swahili Language & Literature, I & II
Swahili, Advanced Topics in Swahili Language & Literature, I & II
Wolof, Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Wolof, Topics in Wolof Language & Literature, I & II
Zulu, Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced